One goal for Casual Confections is to remind people that baking does not have to be a high-end, perfectionist undertaking. Baking is fun. Baking is messy. Anyone can do it!

Crystal making fudge
Crystal checking the temperature of her fudge base in her own kitchen.

Casual Confections now proudly offers services to encourage people to get into baking. The services listed below are starting points. Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact me using the online form or email me at and we can create a custom service to meet your needs.


  • Baking Guidance
    • Location: In your own home
    • Number of participants: 1
    • Best for: attempting to make grandma’s recipe, bringing home-baked goods for the upcoming bake sale, providing snacks or a dessert for a family gathering, overcoming intimidation in the kitchen, becoming familiar with using kitchen equipment
    • Minimum: 1 hour
    • Includes: Prep and clean up
    • Customization: Yes. I can spend as much time assisting as you need.
      • Ingredient purchase and preparation
      • Identifying necessary equipment
      • Proper use of equipment
      • Making the entire recipe or troubleshooting one part that gives you trouble
      • Checking for processes being completed (bread rising, cakes being baked and remaining moist, when to take cookies out of the oven to keep the soft versus getting them crunchy)
      • Knowing how long to let goods cool before transferring to cooling racks or packaging
      • Proper storage of goods
      • Packaging of goods
      • Pricing of goods


  • Baking Class
    • Location: In your home or event space
    • Number of participants: 2-10
    • Best for: a hang out, birthday party, dinner party
    • Minimum: 3 hours
    • Includes: Prep and clean up
    • Customization: Yes.
      • I will walk you and your group through a recipe from start to finish. Each member of the group will get a chance to participate in making the treat and everyone will be able to enjoy the tasty reward at the end.


  • Snack and/or Dessert Planning
    • Location: Any where
    • Number of participants: 1
    • Best for: birthday party, bake sale, holiday gathering, viewing party, movie marathon, themed podcast
    • Minimum: 1 hour
    • Customization: Yes.
      • Tell me about your event and I will help you work out a snack and/or dessert menu that fits the theme.
      • Already have the menu decided but are having trouble or don’t have time to search for recipes? I can help with that.
      • I can help you plan your movie marathon/viewing party from providing a pool of movies or episodes fitting your theme to deciding on a viewing order to scheduling out the event to allow for breaks (this feature is done in partnership with Elements of Madness).